Marvi Sirmed brings down Zaid Hamid to nothing on Shahid Nama

Dr. Shahid Masood’s ShahidNama on Express News on 25th August 2011 was quite a unique program – (i) because Zaid Hamid was countered very bluntly, like none else has every done before and (ii) for some reason, Dr. Shahid Masood was very sensible throughout the program and did act like a neutral host trying to find answers.

The Background

Nawaz Sharif delivered a speech at SAFMA Lahore on the eve of Independence Day 2011, the focus of which was building bridges for peace between the two neighbouring states of India and Pakistan. Quite unusual for Nawaz Sharif, or the PMLN who are known for their harsh stance against India but very welcomed and sane move. This was not well received by the security establishment and their paid stooges and stage clowns were up on all TV channels with their propaganda and lies, blaming Sharif and his party for their Anti-Pakistan, Anti-Islam move. The two part speech is provided below. The most vocal program on the issue was by Mehr Zehr Bokhari where Zaid Hamid, as usual with his gibberish, did what he is best at – advancing the agenda of the security establishment. The two part program can be watched here and here.

Nawaz Sharif’s speech at SAFMA on Independence Eve 2011

Zaid Hamid called SAFMA a RAW funded organisation without providing any evidence whatsoever. In an excellent move, SAFMA decided to sue Zaid Hamid and Mehr Bukhari for defamation/libel.

ShahidNama with Zaid Hamid and Marvi Sirmed

Shahid Nama with Marvi Sirmed and Zaid Hamid aired 25 August 2011

Shahid Nama with Marvi Sirmed and Zaid Hamid aired 25 August 2011

It is in this context that Dr. Shahid Masood invited Zaid Hamid and Marvi Sirmed, who was not officially representing SAFMA but defending their point of view and stance. Marvi was simply brilliant – eloquent, vocal, brave and very well timed on arguments and comments. She simply countered Zaid Hamid just the way he deserves and like none else has ever done. For someone like Zaid Hamid whose only quality is the speaking ability, ability to speak non-stop, continue gibberish no matter what; it was real fun to watch him completely running out of arguments and actually counting down for the program to end.

In the last part of the program, his only response to Marvi’s questions was, “ab to program khatam honay wala hay“. Well, Zaid Mujahid, Ghalib film ki baat to hui he nahee, prograam jo khatam honay wala thaa.

Shahid Nama with Marvi Sirmed and Zaid Hamid – 25th August 2011


  • Below is the letter from Iqbal sent to Times, London as referenced in the video by Marvi.
  • Published: The Times London, 12 October 1931
Iqbal's letter to The Times London published 12 october 1931

Iqbal’s letter to The Times London published 12 october 1931


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