The best from Marvi’s beating of Zaid Hamid on Shahid Nama

Last night’s Shahid Nama hosted by Dr. Shahid Masood on Express News TV with Zaid Hamid and Marvi Sirmed as guests offered some bits of humor and some well timed responses by Marvi. The liberals in Pakistan, in their deceny and respect for constructive debate, The clown, Zaid Hamid.unfortunately fail to counter people like Zaid Hamid. For people like him, who lie blatantly, murder history (as K.K.Aziz would have called it), use rhetoric and no evidence whatsoever, Marvi’s approach to counter him was very apt.  This post summarises some interesting bits and pieces from the program.

Humor from Shahid Nama with Marvi Sirmed and Zaid Hamid – 25th August 2011

Rather than responding to Marvi’s arguments, Zaid Hamid had nothing to offer and relied on irrelevant comments. On repetitive use of Inna-Lillah, Marvi served him well:

Zaid Hamid: Innalillah wa inna elah rajeoun

Marvi Sirmed: aap apnay upar parha karain, meray par na parhain

 Like all Islamists, Zaid Hamid still lives in the delusion that they liberated Afghanistan and made the super-power Russia retreat. Marvi responded quickly with a bit of humor:

Zaid Hamid: hum nay Russia ko tora, Afghanistan azaad kia

Marvi Sirmed: Amreeka kay daalar, aur wo petro dallar jo Saudia se aa rahay thay, unkay baghair yeh bathroom nahee ja saktay thay

Zaid Hamid blamed Marvi and others for making fun of him calling him Laal Topi Wala Maskhara – he sounded like a school kid going back home and complaining about someone calling him names at school.

Shahid Masood: wo keh rahay hain keh aap nay unko Laal Topi Wala Maskhara kaha?

Marvi Sirmed: wo to hay, bethay huay hain.

Marvi was again witty at this one:

Zaid Hamid: aapkay source of information kya hain?

Marvi Sirmed: hamara source of information aap khud hain.

Khilafat and Ideology of Pakistan: Zaid Hamid is known for his oratory skills and the ability to speak non-stop gibberish winning arguments just because he can speak a lot. It was amazing to see him completely running out of words and actually counting down for the program to end. Below are a couple of examples – first , on the illusion of Khilafat:

Marvi Sirmed: yeh khilafat ka model kaunsa hay kesa hay?

Zaid Hamid: woh apko samajh nahee aiy ga

Marvi Sirmed: nahee aap samjhain na

Zaid Hamid: uskeliye phir baat karain gay abhi to program do minute me khatam ho jaiy ga

Another one on the so called Ideology of Pakistan:

Marvi Sirmed: Ideology of Pakistan ka tareekh me zikr he nahee koi bhi kitab utha lain

Zaid Hamid: hazaroon jaga par hay

Marvi Sirmed: batayen kahan hay

Zaid Hamid: aap kisi bhi waqt kisi bhi platform par hum se behas kar lain hum batain gay

Marvi Sirmed: yeh forum hay na

Zaid Hamid: abhi to program khatam ho raha hay 1 min me

Zaid Hamid failed to provide any answer to the following:

Marvi Sirmed: Qarardad-e-Lahore main kahan lafz hay Pakistan ka? Minar-e-Pakistan pe chapi hay, kahan hay usme yeh lafz?

Minorities in Pakistan: Like any other “PakNationalist” thug, Zaid Hamid distrusts non-Muslims even his own countrymen. His inbuilt hatred for minorities was exposed during the show whenever he talked about them. As obvious from the conversation log below, Zaid Hamid was so confused he could not keep track of what he is saying.

Zaid Hamid: to me inko bindi wali hindu kahoon?

Marvi Sirmed: to keh dain, hindu honay main kaunsi kharabi hay, yeh koi gaali hay?

Zaid Hamid: to laal topi wala bhi koi gaali nahee hay!

A few more comments by Marvi on minorities and relevant issues:

Marvi Sirmed: agar aap two nation theory ki baat kartay hain to Pakistan kay hindu aur Christian to alag qoum ho gayay, unko kya bahir bhej dain gay phir?

Zaid Hamid continued to demean the minorities in Pakistan as if he, as a Muslim, by default has more rights than them and an ownership of Pakistan.

Marvi Sirmed: aap unko (minorities) haqooq denay ki position main nahee hain, wo barabar kay shehri hain, unko yeh haqooq hasil hain.

The blatant Pro Military stooges and their anti-people agenda

Like any other Pro-Military stooge, Zaid Hamid has never dared to say a word about the oppressed people within Pakistan, those abused regularly by the security establishment – Baloch, Shias, Ahmedis etc. He used the rhetoric around Kashmir which was well responded by Marvi. Here again, Zaid responded only by saying this is Indian conspiracy.

Marvi Sirmed: Hamaray baloch bhai hain, hazara kay hamaray shia bhai hain, unko roz shaheed kia jata hay, apkay narrative main unka naam kyun nahee ata?

He continued to defend the Armed forces and the ISI calling it a feather in the cap of Pakistan. Shamelessly, despite recent incidents like GHQ seige, PNS Mehran attack and the OBL episode, he sounded confident on Army’s ability to defend Pakistan. Marvi’s response was perfect:

Marvi Sirmed: Osama bin ladin ko ghar me aa kar maar gaiy aur pns mehran me ghus gaiy – maafi de dijiye aisay difa se

The roohani-asaas/ ideological-frontier rhetoric

For years, security establishment has distorted history and used rhetoric around ideology of Pakistan and “rohaani asaas” to suppress critical thought process and undermine analytical understanding of history. Zaid Hamid uses this very often to which Marvi responded:

Marvi Sirmed: Aap yeh rhetoric bolna band kar dain, in baton ka koi matlab nahee hay, reality ki baat karain

To sum up:

Marvi Sirmed: Debate hoti hay do nazriyat kay darmayan, nafrat aur outright stupidity kay sath koi debate nahe ho sakti

The program can be watched here.


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