#ShiaGenocide online protest by PSAPak.com – Week 2

Online Protest against #ShiaGenocide in #Pakistan by #TakfiriDeobandis

Organised by Progressive Shia Activists of Pakistan – PSAPak.com

Considering the success of the first online protest on #ShiaGenocide held on 2 December 2012 (7-10PM PST)and good participation by citizens, PSAPak decided to make this event a recurring one and so the second event was held today 9th December 2012 at the same time i.e. between 7 and 10 PM. Participants posted their protest messages on Twitter (and Facebook) using the hash-tag of #ShiaGenocide.

The event page on Facebook is available here while the resource pages for the event can be accessed here and here.

The official event page by PSAPak used to invite individuals to join the protest can be accessed on PSAPak website here.


According to Tweet-Tag; we had more than 300 participants, nearly 2000 tweets, audience of nearly 250,000 and an impression reach of 1.5 million – this means our message reached 1.5 million people on Twitter.

According to HashTracking.com; we created 1,426,809 impressions, reaching an audience of 180,237 followers.

Influence/Reach of Tweets and By Hour Evolution of the #ShiaGenocide tag

Influence/Reach of Tweets and By Hour Evolution of the #ShiaGenocide tag

The chart below shows the top words used in the tweets during the protest:

Top Words used in tweets in #ShiaGenocide online protest

Top Words used in tweets in #ShiaGenocide online protest

The first image below show top contributors in the #ShiaGenocide online protest in terms of number of tweets while the second one shows contributors which top reach i.e. number of followers:

Top contributors in terms of number of tweets

Top contributors in terms of number of tweets

Contributors to #ShiaGenocide online protest in terms of number of followers

Contributors to #ShiaGenocide online protest in terms of number of followers

Notes from the Organisers – Progressive Shia Activists of Pakistan PSAPak.com

Why PSAPak has organised an online protest on #ShiaGenocice?

ShiaGenocide in Pakistan has taken nearly 20,000 lives and the inaction of state and blackout/obfuscation on media on the issue is appalling. We believe social media is a very strong platform and has the potential to not just influence the mainstream media but also trigger an opinion building campaign. Further, a lot of concerned people who are either abroad or can not organize/ participate in protests held on streets would like to contribute in some way to the cause by raising voice and social media is naturally the platform one would use.

We did a similar protest last week which was covered by BBC Urdu here. Further, we also published a detailed report on the protest which can be read here. We created 3 million impression of tweets and reached 500K people. The response on Facebook can not be measured.

We believe that social media is a vehicle to change the narrative. As a Shia Muslims, we are very hurt to hear Sunni Muslims being accused of Killing Shias by the media, this is clearly a poor way to characterize the #ShiaGenocide. We would like the media to use terms that correctly identify the culprits. We want people to call the killers by their name #TakfiriDeobandi Militants.

Why are we using Twitter/Social Media and does it have an impact?

We choose Twitter because technically it can accumulate all tweets on a hash-tag so we intend to build a trend on Shia Genocide tag and get noticed. Further, the presence of journalists, analysts, media persons, politicians and leaders and celebrities on Twitter also makes it a natural choice as we can reach them directly with our concerns. We recommend Twitter but people have been using Facebook too. We post on FB too but there is no way to accumulate posts on FB on a particular term. Shia Genocide is much more under discussion on social media of all types than electronic media for sure.

Is the use of social media helpful? Is it an alternative to street protests?
Nearly 8-9 million use social networks in Pakistan. This is a huge audience and not everyone has the time and resources to attend or organize a protest on street. Further, social media protest is a really good alternative when we do not have an effective platform to protest on street or when there are organizing difficulties. It gives a chance to ordinary citizens like us not to be dependent on any platform and get our message of protest reach large audience. Also, this is a good way to educate people and create awareness on the issue as we float one liner information pieces, links to articles and pictures – this can not be done on street protest.

We understand the importance and role of Social media. Even in recent past if you analyze carefully then in Egypt and Tunisia revolution Social Media played a tremendous role and we are also using it for good cause to protect minorities with their rights and make Pakistan a peaceful place for all religions and sects. 
Ofcourse both forms are important and necessary. We had the 10,000 souls march on Friday the 7th in New York. A couple of months before than in Los Angeles we had a protest about Malala.
What are we trying to achieve with these online protests?
We hope to reach more audience than we did last time and possibly make the Shia Genocide term a trend. 

We want to provide an alternative discourse to the obfuscation on the issue created calling it a sectarian war. We want to and aim to educate people that this is a one sided Shia Genocide and there is no sectarian war, there is no Sunni-Shia killing. This is Takfiri Deobandis killing Shia and they kill Sunni/Sufi Barelvi Muslims too. Education, Awareness and alternative discourse on Shia killing is our main objective; in addition to continue to raise our voice.
People on social media are taking it seriously and responding well. Even for our first protest we were not really sure that how people will respond but we saw high spirit among the participants. People were creating twitter accounts only to participate in this protest. 
Few significant celebrities joined us in our previous protest and we expect more this time. 

I hope Pakistan media will wake up to just one thing. Stop calling is Shia-Sunni or sectarian. Call it Shia Genocide by Takfiri Deobandi Millitants, because this is what it is. I know media in Pakistan is afraid but they have a choice to work in other professions, so they have to be honest.
  • The discourse that Shia killings in Pakistan is a Shia-Sunni war, a sectarian war, result of Iran-KSA proxy war is completely flawed. If its Iran-KSA proxy war, why 118 Shia were killed back in 1963 in Therih massacre in Sindh? There was no Islamic Republic of Iran back then.
  • If its Sunni killing Shia becuase they abuse Sahaba, why are Sunni/Sufi Muslims killed at shrines like Data Darbar, Rehman Baba, Ganj Shakar etc – do they abuse Sahaba too?
  • Let us also make it absolutely clear: we have nothing against Deobandi Muslims but hold Takfiri Deobandis responsible for #ShiaGenocide. Deobandi Muslims are themselves target of Takfiri Deobandis like Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Taliban. As an example, Shia and Deobandis were killed together by Takfiri Deobandis at a shrine in 2005 in remote Baluchistan.
  • March 19, 2005: At least 35 people were killed and many injured when a suicide bomber exploded himself at the shrine of Pir Rakhel Shah in remote village of Fatehpur located in Jhal Magsi District of Balochistan. The dead included Shia and Deobandi devotees.

In a nutshell, we want to create awareness and provide an alternative discourse to our audience on the issue of Shia Killing. We believe Pakistan does not have a Shia-Sunni sectarian war; this is instead an all out attack by Takfiri Deobandis of Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Taliban on Shia Muslims. There are examples when they have targetted Barelvi/Sufi Muslims and Deobandi Muslims too.


PSAPak would like to thank everyone who participated in the event to raise voice against the indiscriminate killing of the Shia in Pakistan. According to estimates nearly 20,000 Shia have been killed in Pakistan by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists for the only crime of being Shia. Only in the last month of November 2012, between 80 and 101 Shia have been killed. In the first 10 days of Muharram this year, Shia were targeted in 51 incidents of violence in which 55 were killed and 324 injured.

Pakistan is home to 40 million Shia and 150 million moderate Sunnis. A few thousand Takfiri Deobandis have hijacked the country and Sunni identity. The silent majority should break the ice and speak on the issue. Further details of events in the future will be published later. Everyone is requested to keep raising their voice on the issue using the hash-tag #ShiaGenocide and #TakfiriDeobandi.

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