#ShiaGenocide in Pakistan – 5 min intro video

According to CIA statistics, BBC reports and other reliable estimates, Shia make up 20% of Pakistan’s population. Assuming a 200 million population of Pakistan, that makes 40 million Shia in Pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistani Shia community has been persecuted for far too long. The first major incident of violence against Shia was recorded in 1963 when 118 Shia were butchered in Therih (Sindh) in a single day. Similarly in 1988, nearly 800 Shia were killed in a single day in Kurram Agency as General Musharraf led the operation under directions from Zia Ul Haq to clear the weapon supply route to Afghanistan of any Shia pockets. Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Taliban routinely massacred Shia in the last two decades of last century but it didn’t stop over the turn of century. According to estimates, nealy 20,000 Shia have been killed in Pakistan which includes 200 doctors, a 100 law professional like lawyers/advocates/judges and countless other notables like entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals, writers, academics, poets, scholars, clerics etc.

The Shia in Pakistan are not just a victim of violence at the hands of terrorists who are supported by state institutions and security agencies, they are also victims of an organised obfuscation campaign which creates fog around the issue. The issue is presented as Shia-Sunni sectarian war or an Iran-Saudi proxy war but it is none of the two. There is not a single example of a suicide bombing attack by a Shia on anyone in Pakistan; or an indiscriminate attack by a Shia killing men, women, children alike at mosques, markets or anywhere else. It is also disappointing to see Sunni Muslims being blamed for Shia Genocide in Pakistan while they are themselves victims of violence by Takfiri Deobandis. Attacks at shrines like Data Darbar, Rehman Baba, Ganjshakar and others have killed scores of Sunni Muslims. Further, the claim that Shia Genocide is result of a proxy war between Iran and KSA holds little water. The Ayotullahs took power in 1979 in Iran wheraeas there are countless examples of Shia Killing before this. Also, what is the excuse to kill hundreds of Sunni Muslims at shrines?

The short video below is an attempt at narrating the issue in graphic terms. This is first of a series of proposed videos on the issue. Please watch and share.

This is best viewed in Full Screen (HD) with volume turned ON. WARNING: Contains explicit graphic content.

The video can also be watched at YouTube here or DailyMotion here. Remember to change the quality to 720p HD and go full screen.

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