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Celebrating Youm-e-Takbeer ?

28 May 2008 2,462 views 3 Comments
Nuclear tests at Chaghi Hills

Nuclear tests at Chaghi Hills

28 May, 1998: Pakistan successfully tested its nuclear weapons at Chaghi hills in Baluchistan. The government promised the necessary follow-up measures for the people of the area to avoid any after-effects but did not fulfill the promise and hundreds, if not thousands, are known to be suffering for the effects of the nukes.

  • Was having nuclear weapons inevitable for Pakistan ?
  • Will we ever be able to come out of the myth of the security state and head towards a social welfare state ?

    These question tease me all the time but I could not find an answer. The anxiousness in me increases when I see thousands in this land of the pure deprived of education, health care facilities and needs as basic as food, shelter and even water !

    When we celebrate the bombs; they drink dirty rain water with the animals.

    Today, when we the people of Pakistan are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Youm-e-Takbeer , the burning question is :

    Are we celebrating at the cost of the 6 million Baloch citizens ?

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    • Imran said:

      Just wanted to answer your questions.

      Ya having a nuclear weapon was necessary for pakistan.

      I still remember the day when while watching BBC world news I heard “We have just received the breaking news that india has conducted 3 nuclear tests” then a video of indian prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee came on TV and confirmed the news, also confirming that one of the devices was thermonuclear.

      Before that day the only interaction I had with the word nuclear was in my physics book and nothing more than that. But the comming few weeks told me alot about the power of the word “nuclear”. Every day I would see people sitting on Indian TV channels saying “Pakistan should know we have a big bomb now” another one said ” I dont beleive pakistan has the capacity, yeh to woh mulk hai jo aik sui bhi khud nahi bana sakta”, we were being threatened on hourly basis.

      I remember how after every hour I would tune into different news channels to see if there was a news about Pakistani Blast. And atlast on 28 the news came at about 3:30 PM. I tuned into BBC and the strip there read. “Breaking News: Pakistan Conducts Nuclear Tests”. And I cannot mention the feelings in words.

      I know we have seen a lot of suffering expecially at the hands of an institution we considered sacred. From the people who we beleived to be our guards and frontline. We have been deceived time and again but one should remain carefull about the security situation too. Yes our internal situation is fragile but we should be aware that our borders are also hostile and to meet that challenge we need a strong competent army equipped with every state of art technology in the world.

      Ya too many have been deprived of education and health care but who is responsible. A mere nuclear bomb, the money spent on nuclear bomb gave us a bomb atleast we got what we spent for. What about the money we spent and we never got anything in return. What about the surrey and Raiwind mahals. What about the NRO’s and the wadera’s. What about the royalty given to baloch sardars. Where did they spend all that money. Why didnt dey build schools and health care resources.

      My observation is “Sab doodh key dhuley nahi hein is mulk mein”.

    • Anonymous said:

      of bloody course a nuclear weapon was necessary. how can a Pakistani think that the nuclear weapon was not necessary? did you not live in Pakistan at the time of the indian tests?? did you not hear the constant threats to the national security hour upon hour?? to be able to spend on the betterment of a country you first need a country you quack.

      im sincerely flabergasted at the suggestion that the nuclear weapon was not necessary. i can see clearly now why this blog was banned in Pakistan but i doubt it makes a difference since it only caters to the BLA terrorist cowards hiding in other countries whining about freedom of a place they dont even live in.

      Pakistan Paindabad.

    • Aman said:

      Dear “Anonymous”,

      “BLA cowards”, “constant threats to national security” … have you considered pausing in your headlong leap into demagoguery to actually stop and analyse these issues in any kind of depth?

      There’s much that one can say against nuclear weapons, but perhaps the most cogent, the most persuasive arguments have been provided by people like Einstein (even though he gave the initial impetus to the US developing it), Chomsky and most recently Arundhati Roy. I hope you can take the time to watch this audio-visual presentation set to her “Come September” speech: http://www.weroy.org/watch.shtml

      Don’t you think it’s a little amusing, almost risque, the way we go into panic mode every time the US makes a statement about our nuclear weapons: they’re in safe hands, they’re not in safe hands? Whose hands are safe? And for whom, for whose interests? Did you know that our military leadership was so short-sighted that they did not even know that they needed to put in place a sophisticated command-and-control system to control access to the weapons? That it took the likes of anti-nuclear weapons campaigners like Dr. Hoodhbhoy to point out the obvious to our military quacks (to borrow from your elegant vocabulary)?

      What good is it to have the most devastating weapon known to man and yet suffer the daily humiliation of watching one’s countrymen being killed by NATO forces inside Pakistan’s borders? It’s been happening since 2002 – and yet you don’t seem to consider that as a national security threat, do you?

      When will you stop listening to the Establishment and start thinking on your own, connecting well-known facts together and comparing them with the “official line”?

      Lahore, Pakistan

      P.S. Identify yourself please, anonymity is for cowards.

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