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ShiaGenocide: first ten days of Muharram 2012/13 in Pak (51 incidents, 55 killed, 324+ injured)

26 November 2012 824 views 4 Comments

 Following an organised intimidation campaign against the Shia in Pakistan initiated well before the Muharram began; as claimed, the Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Sipah Sahaba (Ahl-e-Sunnat-wal-Jammat/ASWJ), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Tehrik Taliban Pakistan raised havoc in Pakistan. Not a single day passed in peace for the Shia. While the ‘concerned’ Ummah continued to cry over Gaza , the Shia were being butchered left, right and centre. Many in Pakistan, however, were more concerned about the disruption of mobile services and continued to blame the Shia, claiming Shia are asking for their own death by going out on streets in huge numbers despite threats of violence. As it has become a routine now, defeaning silence prevailed as Shia continued to lift coffins and commemorate Ashura, the most important day on the calendar for them.

Shia Genocide in Pakistan: first 10 days of Muharram 2012/13 saw 51 incidents, 55 killed and 324+injured

Shia Genocide in Pakistan: first 10 days of Muharram 2012/13 saw 51 incidents, 55 killed and 324+injured

In the first 10 days of Muharram 2012-13, in a total of 51 incidents; 55 Shia were killed and more than 324 injured. There were several cases of terror plot thwarted which included suicide bombing plans, huge explosive devices and bombs planted – which could have resulted in hundreds of deaths.

Here is an overview of the anti-Shia violence in Pakistan (and outside) in the first 10 days of Muharram:

14 November 2012 – Wednesday [1 Incident, 1 Killed, 0 injured]

  • Within 12 hours, another Shia killed in Orangi Town Karachi
17 November 2012 – Saturday [1 Incident, 0 Killed, 1 injured]
  • A Shia named Muhammad Hakeem critically injured when terrorists open fire in Hazar Ganji area of Quetta.

18 November 2012 – Sunday [4 Incident, 3 Killed, several injured]

  • Bomb blast in Abbas Town Imam Bargah Karachi. Several wounded and 2 killed.
  • Remote controlled bomb found and defused near Imamia Colony Imam Bargah in Lahore.
  • Extremists open fire in Khuzdar and kill 1 Shia
  • Several bombs found and diffused in Imam Masjid Lahore
21 November 201 2 – Wednesday [5 Incident, 27 Killed, 85 injured]
  • Two bombs within minutes outside a Shiite mosque in the southern city of Karachi, killing three persons and wounding 15 other
  • Lahore TMO takes down over 3000 ‘Labaik Ya Hussain’ banners from the city.
  • 24 killed and 70 injured after a suicide bomber attacked a Shia procession (Qasr-e-Shabbir, Dhok Sayyadan, Sadr) in Rawalpindi. Tehrik-e-Taliban claimed responsibility of the attack. [1]
  • Terrorists riding bikes intimidate Shia, anti Shia chants throughout Kot Samba area of Rahim Yar Khan, reports Sada-e-Mazlomeen.
22 November 2012 – Thursday [10 Incident, 0 Killed, 1 injured]
  • Bomb found and defused – bomb was planted in a ground near an Imambargah located in Pirabad area of Orangi Town Karachi.
  • Bomb disposal squad personnel have defused a remote-controlled bomb planted near an Imam Bargah in the Qasba Colony, Karachi.
  •  The Bomb Disposal Squad, on receiving tip offs, defused two explosive devices on the main GT Road in Peshawar – this is route of Jaloos Azadari.
  • Police foiled a terrorist attempt and seized large quantities of explosives and detonators being transported in a pick up truck on Ring Road on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Threatening campaign through SMS launched against Shia sending m essages “Kill, Kill Shia”
  • In Lahore, police and secret agencies arrested two suspected militants from Anarkali Bazar neighbouhood in a joint-raid. They recovered two suicide vests along with explosives from their possession.
  • Five suspected militants were nabbed in Sargodha.
  • Explosion in a fourth floor flat in Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Defence Phase 6 Karachi. Some news reports mention that the flat was occupied recently (4 days ago) by some new settlers. There is an Imam Bargah nearby. The explosion was caused due to premature ignition of explosive material. The inhabitants fled immediately. [123]
  • Cracker blasts in Kamonki/Gujrawala near an Imam Bargah, exolosives hidden under garbage. A child injured, reports Sada-e-Mazolmeen.
23 November 2012 – Friday [3 Incident, 0 Killed, 0 injured]
  • Suicide bomber failed to enter an Imam Bargah in Kohat and killed by Police. [1,2]
  • Firing on another Imam Bargah in Kohat. No information available, reports Sada-e-Mazlomeen.
  • 2 bombs on the route of procession of Imam Bargah Hussainia Sadar defused by Police.
24 November 2012 – Saturday [4 Incident, 10 Killed, 50 injured]
  • More than 30 injured (6 critical, causalities feared) when terrorists opened fire on the Ashura procession in Tehsil Kot Momin, Halalpur, Sargodha district of Punjab. [1,2,3]
  • 10 killed and more than 20 injured after a blast which targeted an Ashura procession near Imam Bargah in Bannu Chowrangi area. Among those killed were three children. The remote controlled bomb was planted in garbage. According to some reports, 8 of those killed were Sunni Muslims. [1,2,3]
  • 2 terrorists arrested from Qasba Araa Basharat [1]
  • Cracker blasts reported in Gilgit. No information available on casualties or any damage.

25 November 2012 (Ashura) – Sunday [21 Incident, 11 Killed, 184 injured]

  • The Interior Minister claimed that a bomb seized in Karachi was the biggest ever (100KG) captured in Pakistan’s history and could have taken hundreds, if not thousands of lives. CID Police thwarted a terror bid and killed a suspect besides recovery of a huge quantity of explosive material and arms in Manghopir area of the metropolis. 2 suicide jackets were also recovered from the site. Leghari said that the alleged terrorist had planned to enter the main procession of Ashura to make a big blow which was foiled by CID police.
  • Cracker blasts in Kharadar Khadda Market, 1 injured.
  •  suspected terrorist was arrested near a Muharram procession in Layyah, Express Newsreports. Police said the arrested suspect was a resident of DI Khan.
  • Missiles fired on Ashura jaloos in Balish Khail area of Parachinar. Army took control of the area. No information on causalities available.
  • Terrorists opened fire on the main Imam Bargah in Gambat (Sindh) killing 2 on spot and atleast 3 were injured. [1,2]
  • 2 killed and 4 injured after Ashura jaloos was attacked in Kolab Jial area of Khairpur. [1,2]
  • Six people were injured when armed men attacked a Muharram procession in Sanghar, Shahdadpur, Express News reports. The attackers baton-charged the mourners. [1]
  • Firing on Ashura jaloos in Nutkani village (Taunsa/DGKhan). No information available on any causalities. 2 injured. [1]
  • Vehari police constable Tariq (Activist of SipahSahaba) who sent threatening text messages and calls to the Interior Minitsry after Karachi and Rawalpindi blast arrested. GEO TV bulletin also added that he is suspected of carrying out blasts in Rawalpindi and Karachi. [1]
  •  At least 7 Shiite mourners killed and 163 others injured in a bomb explosion that hit a Shia procession commemorating Ashura in Choghlia area (Commissioneri Bazaar) of Dera Ismail Khan, in northwest Pakistan. More causalities are feared as many of the mourners were critically injured. [1]
  • Firing after the blast caused more causalities.
  • Bomb found and defused near Gate No. 1 of Amroha Society Karachi. [1]
  • A low intensity bomb went off in Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of Karachi. [1]
  • A terrorist of Jindullah Group arrested by Police in Shah Faisal Area of Karachi. [1]
  • Mortar attacks by Taliban on Shia procession in Hangu. [1]
  • Firing on Shia procession after midnight in Malir Jaffir-e-Tayyar, Amar-e-Yasir Society in Karachi, reports Sada-e-Mazolmeen.
  • Cracker blast reported near Kharadar Jamaat Khana,1 reportedly injured. [1]
  • The suspects who fled Manghopir after an encounter with police have snatched two cars from Sultanabad area AEP-135 and AFZ-8191. The police had earlier killed one of the suspects and arrested another during an encounter after foiling a terrorist attempt in Manghopir.[1]
  • Suspect bag found at Shami road full of explosive material.[1]
  • SHAHDADPURSix people were injured when unidentified armed men attacked a Muharram procession in Shahdadpur. The attackers reportedly baton-charged the mourners. [1]
  • Cracker blast reported near Safora Goth area of Karachi, no casualty reported.[1]

26 November 2012 – Monday [3 Incident, 2 Killed, 3 injured]

  • 30 year old Haider S/o Zargham Gulbahar Phol target killed near Nayab Bakery (Rizvia PS area) in Karachi. Body transferred to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. He was resident of North Karachi.
  • 1 killed and 3 critically injured in a bomb blast incident in Malir area of Karachi. [1]
  • DIKhan: Attack on Jaloos e Tazia Imam Bargah Lal Shah reports Sada-e-Mazolmeen.

Other Sources:FP, AJ, ET, SP, SP, ShiaKilling, @SMPakistan, DW

Outside Pakistan

  • Shia students attacked in Kabul university. 4 severely injured.
  • 4 Shia killed and 10 injured on Ashura in Yemen. [1]
  • Ban on Ashura processions in Srinagar/Kashmir – 20th year. [1]
  • Police blocks Shia from commemorating Ashura (even inside mosques) in Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood. [1,2]

Takfiri Deobandis are enemies of humanity. They targeted Abdul Shah Ghazi shrine in Karachi as well which is frequently visited by Sunni and Shia alike. Police surrounded the place to find the bombs.

In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Please speak up. Break the ice. 

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  • Hamza Baloch said:

    “since the early 1990s, nearly 4,000 Pakistani Shias have been murdered in sectarian attacks”
    and Karachi violence claimed 1,257 lives in 6 months: HRCP ( http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/d.....2_pg7_13 , 27 in sectarin killing)

    This show the overall law and order situation of Pakistan.  Its better we do not divide the “dead bodies”, and expose those who are not following the Pakistan constitution…. No matter those are killing people bkz of faith or money or for any thing else.

  • Yazid (RA) said:

    Here’s a crash course in similarities between jews and shias:
    —The Jews said only the progeny of David has the authority to rule
    likewise the Shiites stated that only the descendants of Ali(ra) should
    be the Imams or leaders.
    —The Jews stated that there can be no fighting in the way of God
    unless the Messiah(Dajjal) comes and the sword descends. Similarly the
    Shiites stated that that there can be no fighting in the way of God
    unless Qaem appears and an announcer will call from the sky.

    —The Jews delay the Dusk until the stars appear, likewise the Shiites
    delay the maghrib prayer until the stars appear. The Prophet is
    reported to have said, ” My Ummah will remain in the state of Fitra
    unless they delay their maghrib till the stars appear.” He further
    stated:” Hasten to the maghrib prayer before the appearance of the stars
    and don’t be similar to the Jews for they pray when the stars appear.”

    —The Jews distorted the Torah similarly the Shiites distorted the
    Quran.(by giving wrong explanation and misusing of the verses-like those
    of tafseer al-Qummi- and alleging that parts of the Quran are changed,
    missing and deleted out by the Sahabah. Examples of such allegation is
    that of the respected Shiite scholar at-tabarasi, when he regarded that
    two surahs: Wilayah and an-Nuraiyn, were deleted out of the official
    Quranic text by Uthman ibnu Affan)

    —The Jews wrote the book with their own hands and stated that this is
    from God, likewise the Shiites wrote down lies and stated that this is
    from God.(al-Kulyani’s al-Kafi is full of it).They also fabricated lies
    and attributed them to the Prophet and his family. It is also well known
    to the hadith scholars that the Rafdhis/Shiites form the bulk of those
    narrators who are weak, unreliable and abandoned.

    —The Jews don’t wipe on their slippers or light shoes (for ablution)
    likewise the Shiites abandon the same thing.(it should be noted that the
    Jewish ablution is similar to that of the Shiites)

    —The Jews regard Al-Jari and Al-Marmahi(two kinds of fishes) forbidden and the Rafidhis regard the same.

    —The Jews forbid the eating of rabbits and spleen and likewise the Shiites regard the same.

    —The Jews had slandered the chaste and pure Mary the mother of
    Jesus(as), whereas the Shiites slandered and accused Ayesha(ra) the wife
    of the Prophet. It should be known that Imam Malik issued a fatwa of
    kufr on the Shiites for this reason.

    —The Jews stated that the daughter of Prophet Jacob left rebellious
    and was held by a polytheist man, whereas the Shiites state that Umar
    forcefully took hold of the daughter of Ali(ra).

    —The Jews were changed into pigs and monkeys and so did it happen on
    the Rafdhis in the city of Madina al Munawarra and other places. It is
    stated that their figures were transformed at the time of their deaths.

    — And there are some of the Rafidhis who don’t pray in congregation
    or they don’t hold Fridays stating the this has to be done once the
    Mahdi appears. Likewise the Jews pray solely stating that congregation
    should be held once the Jewish Messiah appears.

    —The Jews abandoned Moses against the Cannanites stating that, ”go
    and fight You and your Lord, whereas we remain here sitting.” Similarly
    the Shiites abandoned Ali(ra), Hussein(ra), and Zayd ibn Zainel Abideen
    when they were in the battlefield fighting against the oppressors.

    —The Jews exalt some their Prophets and Holy men so much that they
    regard them as deities(in terms of obedience and attachment), whereas
    they degrade some of the other Prophets and the holy men to such an
    extent that they call them whores, unchaste, drunkards, corrupt, and
    idolaters. similarly the Rawafid exalt Ali(ra) and his descendents to a
    status they don’t reserve and on the other hand they regard the other
    companions of the Prophet to be corrupt, hypocrites, idolaters,
    unchaste(as in the case of Mugheerah ibn Shuba) and whores(as in case of
    Muawiyah, Amr ibn Al-As, and Umar ibn al-Khattab).

    —Disgrace and cowardice befell the Jews wherever they were and
    similarly disgrace and cowardice caught the Rafidhis in so much that
    they resurrected Taqiyya out of extreme fear and humiliation.

    —The Jews pray three times a day, similarly the Shiite pray three
    times a day such that they combine Asr and Dhuhur and pray them at the
    same time, and they combine Maghrib and Isha and pray them together

    —An extinct sect of the Shiites used to believe that Gabriel made an
    error by revealing to prophet Muhammad instead of Ali, and thus Gabriel
    should be hated, and similarly the Jews, they abhore and hate Angel

    All of these are unique similiarites b/w judaism and Shiism and proves the fact that Shiism is the product of the accursed Abdullah ibn Sabah.

  • Ahad said:

     Yazid (RA) was gay according to wikipedia

  • Jamil Ahmed said:

    this is all you had to say!.  it refects your state of perversion …

    by the way did you know how many men contributed in your birth? 

    try  ask your mother how many men she had to engage in mutah to conceive you.

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