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[18 Dec 2014 | One Comment | 95,169 views]
10 questions Pakistan Army fans can’t answer

What is more tragic is the unflinching support that Pakistan Army enjoys, specially in urban centers by young educated lot who find it unpatriotic and traitorous to question Pakistan Army. So, here are my ten questions to Pakistan Army fan boys and girls….

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[5 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 1,384 views]
Mainstream discourse on Shia Genocide and sectarianism

Why should the guarantee to life of the Shia, a fundamental human right, be tied to respecting the Sahaba, offering taraweeh or participating in Youm-e-Farooq? Why not accept that someone honourable to us is not so worthy of respect to someone else. The whole idea of Shaan-e-Sahaba, blashpemy laws and mutual agreement on Islam is meant to cover up the bloody history of Islam and the great divide in the Muslims following the death of Prophet

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[11 Mar 2013 | No Comment | 549 views]
PMLN and Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ) enable minority persecution

With clear evidence of Sipah Sahaba ASWJ militants torching Christian houses and killing them in Gojra massacre of 2009 and Lahore Joseph Colony incident of 2013, why PMLN does not give powers and orders to the Police to take preventive measures? Why PMLN relies on suspending and demoting Police officials when the failure is of administration? The only answer one can think of is PMLN’s alliance with Sipah Sahaba ASWJ. A report published in DAWN 2 June 2012 complained that PMLN is reluctant to take action on Sipah Sahaba ASWJ and LeJ militants operating in Punjab despite strong evidence available at hand. The PMLN has sold off minority blood for a few seats, for the votes of ultra-right militants. Unfortunately other parties like PPP and MQM have also been found showing closeness to Sipah Sahaba ASWJ. PPP’s Qamar Kaira in one talk show defended talks and getting support from Sipah Sahaba defending them saying “are they not Pakistani?” Well, they may but so are TTP, so were the killers of Benazir Bhutto. Would you want them in the Parliament too? The MQM also visited the Sipah Sahaba’s Karachi office. Pakistan’s mainstream political parties need to realize that Sipah Sahaba ASWJ is the name of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, TTP and Jaish-e-Muhammad . They are feeding the militants which will eventually come back at them.

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[26 Feb 2013 | No Comment | 41 views]
Hazara and Shia Genocide in British House of Commons

A session was held in British House of Commons on 25th February 2012 where Hazara and Shia Genocide was discussed with Lord Eric Avebury. The session was called by Parliamentary Committee of Human Rights which is chaired by Lord Eric Averbury himself. The session lasted for nearly 2 hours and was attended by members and leaders of Shia community, Hazara Shia community, Sunni community, legal community and representatives from some political parties, journalists and human rights activists.

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[28 Jan 2013 | 4 Comments | 2,140 views]
Pakistan’s Shia Genocide 101

For decades Shia Muslims have been killed in Pakistan and the issue has either been pushed under the carpet or obfuscated using blanket terms such as ‘sectarian violence’. Both the print and the electronic media have on purpose hidden the Shia identity of the victims. The victims are often reported as mere ‘afraad’ [persons] randomly killed, not targeted for their faith.

Most Pakistanis have been silent on the issue, not uttering a word as if speaking for the Shia will make them a Shia. However, they do have time and energy to protest for Palestinians, Burmese or Syrians. The civil society and activists on social media, or otherwise, hesitate to use the word Shia – apparently they condemn the bloodshed but are shy of using the word Shia, like the mainstream media. This does not help. This is rather part of the problem.

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[9 Dec 2012 | No Comment | 201 views]
#ShiaGenocide online protest by PSAPak.com – Week 2

Pakistan is home to 40 million Shia and 150 million moderate Sunnis. A few thousand Takfiri Deobandis have hijacked the country and Sunni identity. The silent majority should break the ice and speak on the issue. Further details of events in the future will be published later. Everyone is requested to keep raising their voice on the issue using the hash-tag #ShiaGenocide and #TakfiriDeobandi.

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[2 Dec 2012 | No Comment | 187 views]
#ShiaGenocide Online Protest Report

The #ShiaGenocide hash tag generated 3,079,309 impressions, reaching an audience of 554,399 followers within the past 24 hours.

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[26 Nov 2012 | 4 Comments | 826 views]
ShiaGenocide: first ten days of Muharram 2012/13 in Pak (51 incidents, 55 killed, 324+ injured)

In the first 10 days of Muharram 2012-13, in total 51 incidents, 55 Shia were killed and more than 324 injured. There were several cases of terror plot thwarted which included suicide bombing plans, huge explosive devices and bombs planted – which could have resulted in hundreds of deaths.

youtube to mp3

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[22 Nov 2012 | 11 Comments | 1,958 views]
Will custodians of Gaza speak on Shia Genocide?

According to B’tselem*, the total number of Palestinians killed by Isreal as part of this conflict since 1985 are nearly 8000. Compare that with the number of Shia killed since 1985 (the launch year of Takfiri Deobandi Sipah Sahaba) in Pakistan – that’s whooping 20,000.
Similarly, the number of Shia killed in Pakistan since 2007, only in the Parachinar region are nearly 6000. The number of Palestinians killed in this time are less than 2500.

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[24 Oct 2012 | 5 Comments | 2,215 views]
Exposing the right-wing’s bigoted stance on Malala and character assassination attempts

So, basically the information above shows quite clearly that the religio-political parties in Pakistan and their supporters are not just sympathisers of Taliban, as we all know and as they produly claim. They are the Taliban. Find me a few differences between the tone, statements and language used by TTP, Al-Qaeda, Jamaat-e-Islami, JUI and other deobandi, Salafi, Takfiri militant organisations. Their convinction and belief in the radical ideology is so strong that one does not find a reason to believe they are any different from each other. They just operate on different layers of the sociopolitical system, trying to overthrow the democractic system, modern state structure and everything associated with it. They want to replace it with a 7th century tribal code and enfore it on all citizens of Pakistan despite knowing that it has failed several times in the past and only results in a barbaric, oppresive regime like Afghanistan under Taliban cut off from the world outside.

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[21 Oct 2012 | 335 Comments | 36,475 views]
Debunking Malala conspiracy theories

The US has used one of their CIA agents (Taliban) to attack another of their CIA Agents (Malala) to pave the way for an operation against the first CIA Agent who attacked her (Taliban). So basically Taliban attacked Malala to facilitate an operation against themselves because the US asked them to. Brilliant, isn’t it?
So please, cut the crap and stop your conspiracy theories. Its plan disgusting – just disgusting. You have the heart to make up conspiracies around an innocent CHILD?! Malala will recover but you will not. All I would tell you is that if Malala is a CIA Agent, all this country needs is millions more of them.

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[12 May 2010 | One Comment | 153 views]
A day in PP 63 – what is to be done?

My friend Amanullah Kariapper’s account of a day spent in PP 63 (Faisalabad) for the election campaign of the Labour Party candidate.

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[23 Jan 2010 | No Comment | 167 views]
Roots of Religious Right (Video)

Books don’t generate interest for the youth which has been fed emotional taka-tak of religion, nationalism, chauvinism and false history.

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[2 Dec 2009 | 54 Comments | 10,920 views]
The myth of Ghazwa-tul-Hind

A rebuttal to the rhetoric of Ghazwa-tul-Hind based on fake ahadees.

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[19 Mar 2009 | One Comment | 719 views]
Shehar ki faseelon per dayv ka jo saaya tha…

** This post was originally published on FASTRising Official blog on March, 19th, 2009. **

The short version, by our in-house wit: An idea whose time has come cannot be contained – nor container-ed.
The spiel:
While the nation celebrates and the most pessimistic activists are in wait-and-see mode till the 22nd of March, it behooves us to do a tally.
Some positives:

At the national level, a large number of people have finally seen a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of popular power in a democratic setup – however young and weak our …

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