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[16 Aug 2011 | 5 Comments | 888 views]
Zakir Naik and reflected moon light

Clowns like Zakir Naik have made a joke of both Science and Religion. With such gibberish and taka-tak mix of religion and science, they are only adding to the preilious state of Muslims. The golden age of Muslims, of which these Islamists take pride in, was not a product of finding lame scientific excuses out of Quran but was a result of serious dedication to Islamic/Quranic message to seek knowledge, to unleash the universe and its hidden patterns. The likes of Al Razi, Ibn Sina and Al Farabi did not crammed page numbers and their contents, neither did they attempt to make scientific advancements by wasting their time trying to make up “scientific explanations” out of Quran. There should be no doubt that the modern world and all of us are indebted to the Muslim scientists who contributed to literally every field of Science – they took up the work done by Greeks and took it to a new level resulting in Muslim Golden Age. However, at the heart of this scientific advancements was unflinching dedication to critical thinking and a burning desire to know, to uncover the universe. The likes of Zakir Naik only make

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