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[1 Dec 2007 | No Comment | 231 views]

“Zara Jaldi Parhiye, Emergency Hai!

Tera Pakistan hai, Na Mera Pakistan Hai

Yeh Us ka Pakistan Hai, Jo Sadar-e-Pakistan Hai“
Isn’t this rickshaw wala more daring that many of us who love the drawing-room politics and do nothing practically ?We love sitting in our air-conditioned offices and sending emails all the time arguing in non-sense email debates but when it comes to doing something, we have millions excuses, yet we are first to criticize everything related to Pakistan !

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[1 Dec 2007 | No Comment | 274 views]

Chairman PTI, Imran Khan speaks at the Students Convention organized by PTI Youth Wing at Ichraa Lahore around 3:30 PM. This speech is under severe criticism from all circles after its news got published.
Here is the complete speech:
Imran Khan speaks at Students Convention at Ichrra, Lahore – 30Nov07 – [http://ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

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[1 Dec 2007 | One Comment | 167 views]

First Part – Students forming chain around the Liberty round-about and then merging into a rally chanting slogans.
[HandChain&Rally] – Students Action Committee Mass protest at Liberty, Lahore – 30Nov07 – [http://ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.
Second Part – Emotional speeches by students and national anthem to end the protest
[Speeches&NatAnthem] – Students Action Committee Mass Protest at Liberty, Lahore – 30Nov07 – [http://ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

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[1 Dec 2007 | No Comment | 189 views]

Students Action Committee – Mass protest

Students Action Committee, Lahore as announced staged their first mass protest at Liberty round-about today afternoon, November 30th, 2007. Details
Videos and snapshots of this event are being processed and will be exclusively uploaded at the blog shorlty. The two part video covers formation of human chain around the Liberty round-about, the rally chanting slogans and the speeches of the students which ended with national anthem.

PTI Students Convention

Chairman PTI, Imran Khan addressed a crowd of more than a thousand at Students …

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[29 Nov 2007 | 2 Comments | 244 views]

Political parties as expected seem busy playing their dirty roles. MMA (which I call Mullah-Military Alliance) have decided to take part in the elections saying ‘Boycott will be a stupid decission and makes no sense.’ Same is expected from PPP. After the daring stand of PTI to boycott the elections and not even submitting the nomination papers, one might start expecting similar from PML-N. They might also consider this option as they are not well-prepared for elections.Like many others, I consider the upcoming elections a total crap. Political parties should …

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[28 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 201 views]

Students at the GEO Stall, opposite Jung Building, Davis Road, Lahore
Students Action Committee – Tester Protest – GEO Stall Davis Road, Lahore [ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.
Students at the foot-paths outside Lahore Press Club building
Students Action Committee – Tester Protest – Lahore Press Club [ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.
Event Details – an eye witness account
Bad video Quality ?
The videos have been intentionally blurred for security reasons.

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[28 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 230 views]

FASTRising continues the candle light vigil sessions at the campus to commemorate the death of the Constitution and Judiciary of Pakistan after imposition of emergency in the country.
Second and third candle light vigil sessions in this regard were held on Friday 23rd November 2007 and Tuesday 27th November 2007.

Event Details at Official Blog of FASTRising
Slide Show

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[27 Nov 2007 | 2 Comments | 207 views]

Students Action Committee, Lahore staged their first action-session today a few hours back. This was termed as a ‘tester‘ before the mega protest they have announced on coming Friday, to analyze the reaction of cops and the students.
Around 70 members of the Students Action Committee, Lahore gathered at Lahore Press Club building around 2 PM. Students representatives from FAST, NCA, PU, LUMS, LGS, BNU, UCL and a few other institutes were welcomed by the Lahore Press Club Management where they first started designing placards. The students then started chanting slogans …

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[27 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 337 views]

Flash Video Credit: Adil Najam from Pakistaniat.com
Download Audio
Hum Dekhain Gay
We shall see
Lazim Hai ke hum Bhi Dekhain Gay
It is necessary that we shall also see
Woh Din ke Jis ka Wadah Hai
That day which has been promised
Jo Loh-e-Azl pe Likha hai
Which is written with God’s ink
Hum Dekhain Gay
We shall see
Jab Zulm-o-Sitam ke Koh-e-garaan
When the mountains of cruelty and torture
Ruii ki Tarah Urd Jain Gay
Will fly like pieces of cotton
Hum Mehkumoon ke Paun Talay
Under the feet of the governed
Yeh Dharti Dhard Dhard …

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[27 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 216 views]

Just received this pamphlet as an email from some anonymous email-address.
This mass protest is being backed by 12 universities and colleges of Lahore including FAST.

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[27 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 261 views]

طوفان ہے اگر گھر کی درپے یوں بیٹھ نہ جا؀ؤ کچھ تو کرو
کھڑکی کہ شکستہ شیشے پر کاغز ہی لگاؤ کچھ تو کرو
انسان کہ قبضۂ قدرت میں اک نطق نہیں، بہت کچھ ہے
ہونٹوں سے نہ نکلے بات اگر آنکھوں سے سناؤ، کچھ تو کرو
محرومِ تمنا رہنے کا سنّاٹا کھا جائے گا تمہیں
مایوسی کے سکتے سے بچو، آنسو ہی بہاؤ’ کچھ تو کرو
سلطان کے قصرِ مرمر کا دروازۂ آہن بند سہی
گر توڑ نہیں سکتے اس کو، زنجیر ہی ہلاؤ، کچھ تو کرو
اے جلتے ہوئے گھر کے لوگو شعلوں میں گِھرے کیا …

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[27 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 203 views]

I salute the daring fellow Sahics’ who reported that they staged the flash protests last Firday (23-Nov-07)night at two different locations in the city.
The three protesters reported that they were carrying placards with the slogans ‘Aamriyat Na-Manzoor’ , ‘PCO Na-Manzoor’ and ‘Bool k lab aazad hain tere’ which were displayed to those who stopped at the traffic signals where there they were protesting.
The first *flahsed* at Regal Chowk Traffic Signal at Mall Road and then at China Chowk around mid-night.

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[22 Nov 2007 | 3 Comments | 203 views]

Independently produced documentary about the abduction and illegal detention of Pakistani citizens by Pakistani intelligence agencies. The film is circulating informally among concerned citizens in Pakistan as the subject is too “hot” for commercial channels. This is truth-telling at its bravest, unflinching best.
Watch, share, distribute. Learn.

Online Videos by Veoh.com
Download Video from Veoh

Download from Rapid Share

Movie Details

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[22 Nov 2007 | One Comment | 622 views]

Cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, Chairman PTI was sent to D.G.Khan jail after the humiliating arrest from PU (14-Nov-07) which served as a tool to expose Jamiat and triggered the student movement in PU , increased the popularity of the bold and daring Khan as well as of his party.
A day after his arrest, PTI workers, students and followers of IK demonstrated at Barkat Market demanding IK to be released (15-Nov-07). The brutality of cops was something to watch that day. But this was not all they could …

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[21 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 298 views]

Chairman Khan has issued his message for the nation through his lawyer from the jail in D.G.Khan where he is arrested. Here goes the message :

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