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[20 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 224 views]

Government of Pakistan (read Pakistan Army) has been very successfully running their operations across the country to identify and capture as many ‘terrorists’ as possible. Another success story of them was telecast on GEO TV few days back when the identified and successfully arrested a new emerging group of ‘terrorists’, they were assumed to be involved in violent activities in the near future.
Thanks to the far sightedness of the executives of the nation. ‘Terrorists’ like this should be treated like this. I am glad at this success of them – …

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[20 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 181 views]

FASTRising commemorates the death of Judicary and Constitution of Pakistan at the campus of FAST-NUCES, Lahore.
Event Details | Official video Release
The official video was shot at 30fps using a 2MP camera and has been edited later so that no face is visible enough. Better quality video with full coverage of the event can not be published for security reasons.
Slide Show
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CandleLightVigil & Commemoration

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[20 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 276 views]

Punjab University (PU) is the largest public sector university of Pakistan. IJT has been occupying PU like many other public sector universities for years. Gunda-Gardi of IJT and their corruption is something about which anyone ever been a student of public sector universities can narrate you stories about. Let me tell you one of mime. I have been to hostel of FCC (Forman Christian College, Lahore) where one night a few mullas knocked my door and asked for chanda (donation).When I asked what is it for, they replied that …

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[20 Nov 2007 | One Comment | 1,348 views]

Chairman, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf), Imran Khan had called for a protest on November 14,2007 at Punjab University Campus bridge at 11:00 AM. This was going to be the first public appearance of IK after the imposition of emergency since when he was in hide-out. It was pretty obvious that the bad-guys who have been looking for him since then will not let him go this time. Khan must have this thing in mind that it won’t be as easy to escape this time as he managed to last time …

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[13 Nov 2007 | 2 Comments | 142 views]

CJReport (Citizen journalism Report) is citizen journalism news website reporting on breaking news stories using a wiki-based system.
I have added the story of last Friday’s protest at FAST. The stories are published on the main page depending upon their popularity. Do checkout the link and vote for it It will make it more prominent and will get the message through to more people.

Link : http://www.cjreport.com/news/862/fast-nuces-students-protest-against-imposition-emergency-pakistan.html

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[11 Nov 2007 | 7 Comments | 202 views]

Roaming around to look for a ‘Kasheeda-Kaari‘ material shop with no idea at all where it can be. Finally, found the shop but found myself hesitant to enter the small shop already over crowded with so many women shouting non-stop, bargaining over some glittering ribbons. I managed to step forward and hesitantly moved my head to one of the guys in the shop to allow him to see I am there too, but I was not that good-looking to get his attention.
Me: ’200 meter kala ribbon chhaiye’ (standing almost out …

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[10 Nov 2007 | No Comment | 294 views]

Numbers does matter when it comes to protests but the definition of the word ‘protest’ ( a formal and solemn declaration of objection) makes me say that single individual protesting may not matter much to the success of the cause but it does give the strength and feeling of contentment to the protester.
I have been receiving emails and SMs for quite a few days regarding a protest being arranged at Lahore Press Club. The place, indeed is a sensitive one and a protest over there needs good planning, coordination and …

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[10 Nov 2007 | One Comment | 2,634 views]

An unplanned protest by the students and faculty of FAST received unexpectedly good media coverage and created this much of hype that FAST (after LUMS) has been singled out as the educational institute most active in the protests being arranged against the imposition of emergency.
How the print-media presented this event can be read the links below:

Daily Express: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/Article.aspx?newsID=1100294889&Date=20071108&Issue=NP_LHE
DAWN: http://www.dawn.com/2007/11/08/nat11.htm
The News: http://thenews.jang.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=79541

Its good to see the media coverage which but what the stories printed in these papers say are a bit inaccurate picture of the real story.
I was at work and …

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[8 Nov 2007 | 6 Comments | 204 views]

Peaceful protest it is a vital part of a democratic society but unfortunately we don’t live in one. Many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were gained because people were prepared to go out on the streets and protest. It can be a very powerful tool for situations like the one we are going through. So, should we protest and come out on streets ?
Being practical , keeping in view the ruthlessness of the current regime and the attitude of Police towards the protesters in the recent days, …

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